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Personal Tuition

Most studying is done without a teacher.  The student will spend a lot of time on their own studying from a book or on-line lesson but for the student to know if they are working in the right direction, they need guidance and help.  We will provide as much help as we can to enable the student to work on their own but if the student wants to do well they will need to spend some time with a teacher.  

Most on-line lessons involve a student at their computer and a teacher at his computer.  Just one and one.  This gives the student a personal service and many students prefer this.  Most often though, the reason is purely technological.  Skype uses this set-up, and most on-line lessons involve Skype.  Although Yahoo! messenger is a good alternative to Skype, it also works in a one to one mode.  Skype does have a premium service that allows one to many but this is expensive and most teachers are not prepared to cover the cost.

We will provide resources and computer based lessons to help the student study on their own.  Written work needs to be assessed by a teacher to ensure that it is correct.  We will provide more and more computer based lessons, as time goes on, that will check the students grammar and listening skills with the computer checking the answers.  We hope to provide a combination of written material, computer tests, essays, and speaking exercises to help the student progress.

There are many advantages to one to one lessons.  With a personal tutor, the student can study at his or her own pace.  The student and the tutor will chose material and areas of study to suit the student's specific needs.  If the student is particularly good at grammar but bad at speaking the student can focus on conversation or in other cases, the reverse may be required.

Personal tuition is normally the best option for specialist students like IELTS or Business English as the student will want to focus on his or her own weaknesses.  It can also be the preferred option for many general English students.